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Assorted Wooden Dowels - 72 pcs - 1/8 to 1/4" - Cat# 83-54-2005

Wiggle-Bots - Doodling, Scribbling, Drawing, Racing Bots - SUPER PACK - 10/pkg- Cat# 9T-182456

Product Number: 9T-182456

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Wiggle-Bots - Doodling, Scribbling, Drawing, Racing Bots - 10/pkg- Cat# 9T-182456

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Wiggle What?

Wiggle-Bots are motorized contraptions that are designed and built by kids. 

Wiggle-Bots are much more than "a lot of fun". They inspire. Watch eyes widen as wires are connected and Wiggle-Bots start to move. See how understanding and design evolves through experimentation and tinkering. Appreciate the challenge of going beyond step by step instructions and creating something completely new and innovative. It's an incredible experience. How will you Wiggle? Your Wiggle-Bot can be designed to do many cool things.

Wiggle How?

Make it Scribble: Create a marker-holding Wiggle-Bot that draws crazy and fun patterns on a sheet of paper. The patterns will change, based upon your Wiggle-Bot design; make it roll, hop, vibrate, spin, or go crazy. It's up to you!

Race it: Create a Wiggle-Bot that can get somewhere in a hurry. Compete against other Wiggle-Bots, or go for a personal record. Race it straight, or through a wandering course. You've seen vibrating robot bugs in the toy stores. Now you can design and build your own. This can be an elementary, secondary, or university level activity.

Hack It: You can use Wiggle-Bot components to make your own inventions. We've used them to make a fan, paddle boat, motorized puppet and other cool things.

Print It: Wiggle-Bots play well with 3-D printers. If you have one, you can download or design components for them. Wiggle-Bots allow you to develop/prototype ideas that can be replaced by or enhanced with 3-D printed parts. 

Wiggle Who?

Yep, we just just said it... "Wiggle Who". We promise to use better grammar from here on out.

Wiggle-Bots are a "Rock Star" activity for:

  • Kids: Ages 5-18
  • Classrooms: 2nd-12th Grade, Elementary, Science, Technology, Engineering
  • Clubs & Troops: Scouts, 4-H, Maker, etc. 
  • Birthday Parties  

Ages 5-11 should be supervised by or work with an adult



You've probably already figured it out; Wiggle-Bots are all about getting kids/students to innovate. True innovation is a big deal. It's the difference between following and leading; or copying and creating. Wiggle-Bots set out to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

Wiggle-Bot components and resources are all specifically design to facilitate innovation. Wiggle-Bot's use Teachergeek™ components, which allow kids to easily experiment, change their designs, and integrate other materials (recycling bin or other materials you have available). 

When kids innovate, they engage like never before. They take pride and ownership. Solving the challenge brings them a tremendous feeling of success and accomplishment.

Wiggle-Bots do not get old, like many other activities, because designs can always be modified and improved. Kids/students learn far more from their design revisions than they do from their original design.



What will your Wiggle-Bots SUPER PACK come with? Take a look...10 of each piece in the picture below..


Gear Transmission Using Super-Wiggle-Bot Components:

Component colors will vary. You'll need a few other materials to make your Wiggle-Bot. You should have them laying around.

  • Tape
  • AA Battery
  • 2 to 4 Markers (if you are building a scribble-bot)
  • Recycled Materials (food packaging, cardboard, etc)

Wiggle-Bot components are designed to work with your recycling bin (used food packaging). They allow you to turn recycled materials into working contraptions.

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