Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit - Cat# 8035-TBSK

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Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit - Cat# 8035-TBSK

The latest kit from Bare Conductive includes everything you need to connect any surface, object or space to the digital world. This Kit combines the Touch Board, Electric Paint, and other essential components for you to start building sensors in the home.

The Touch Board Starter Kit comes ready to plug in and play and is supported by a printed Guidebook, three sample projects, tutorials and digital resources. It provides inspiration for a varying scale of complexity, from the creation of responsive wall graphics and audio reminders, to alarms.



Bare Conductive co-founder Isabel Lizardi explains why they made the kit:

“The Touch Board Starter Kit was created as a response to the projects being developed by our community of users. We looked at the projects people have made with the Touch Board and Electric Paint, and realised there was a need to package all the tools to get started into one box with instructions and sample projects. The idea is that this toolkit will enable people of all experience levels to engage with the creation of sensors and soundscapes in their environment. Whether you’re designing an interface, running a workshop, or looking for a creative tech project, the Starter Kit packs everything you need into one seamless experience.”



Included in the kit is the Touch Board, which was funded on Kickstarter in late 2013 and has since been a hugely successful in Bare Conductive’s product line. The board features 12 individual sensors to trigger sound – or anything else – from any conductive object or material. The Touch Board features an introductory audio guide which takes you through the its features and setup, and there’s no programming or technical ability required to get started. Loading unique sounds on the Touch Board is as easy as dragging MP3 files onto the MicroSD Card.



Perfect for building custom sensors for your Touch Board is Electric Paint – a unique platform for discovering, playing, repairing, and designing with electronics. It can be used as both a liquid wire, graphic sensor and conductive adhesive. The handy 10ml pen allows you to draw circuits and attach small components to your projects, while the 50ml jar is great for painting or screen printing interactive graphics to connect to the Touch Board.

Forget the hassle of buying extra components such as an SD Card Reader, USB Cable or even a stencils and brushes to paint slick graphic sensors. With the Starter Kit you can transform and connect your environment to the digital world in one go.

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