Wiggler 12 Student Class Pack - Cat# 80-5447-00

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Wiggler 12 Student Class Pack - Cat# 80-5447-00

The perfect way to teach about the phyics of Motion and Systems in Action. This kit includes all the basic components for 12 students to build their own wiggler kits. These kits are motorized contraptions that move in unusual ways! You can use markers for the legs and they will leave a mark to trace their paths. OR you get your students outside into the forest to search for some perfect fallen sticks to make their own legs. You can also purchase wooden doweling (see side panel) from Kidder should you want to go that route. They are made from simple materials and set in motion by a vibrating offset motor causing them to bounce, spin, bump and move in interesting ways. 

List of items in 12 student Class Pack: 
What is NOT included is: 
1. Maskingduct or sctoch tape OR a glue gun (& glue sticks) in order to fasten your legs to your cup. 
2. A plastic or styrofoam cup. 
3. Any art components to decorate your Wiggler! See side panel for a few options. 
4. Markers  - should you want to turn yours into a doodle bot!
5. Kraft Paper - should you not want the students to get marker all over your desks/floor! 

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