Gluing Maker Station - Cat# 80-54-1260

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Gluing Maker Station - Cat# 80-54-1260

This Glue Maker Station is a must have for your classroom Maker Space! Includes 2 of Kidders NEW 4 Slot Glue Gun Holder to ensure that your tables and Maker Stations remain clean, safe and organized! No more burn marks on your desk or slobs of glue stuck to your table. This 4 Slot holder will also ensure a safer gluing environment especially when using a higher temperature glue gun. Requires simple assembly. Great for use with any of your maker materials including basswood, coroplast, card/foam board etc. 

Glue Maker Station Includes: 

2 x 4 Slot Glue Gun Holder - Cat# 83-1159-04

8 x Low Temp Glue guns - Cat# 80-480-244

1 x 500 pack of 4"x 5/16" glue sticks - Cat# 80-4854450

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