STYRO-CUT 3D - Cat# U-9001AA

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Hot Wire Handheld Foam Cutter - Cat# 80481435-6
STYRO-CUT 3D is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine, simple but robust, for the thermal treatment of Styrofoam and similar synthetic materials. With STYRO-CUT 3D a common steel wire is bent and heated up to 850 degrees Celsius allowing you to make cuts in any profile. With STYRO-CUT 3D, the use of expensive resistance wires that cannot be shaped, is no longer necessary. The main advantages of the steel wire are: it can be formed into any shape to cut any 3D part, it is much more economical and very durable. STYRO-CUT 3D allows for plain, profile, circle and angle cuts and in addition, with the hand apparatus, the user is able to shape with precision from a full work piece, just like a sculptor.
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