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Wiggle What? Wiggle-Bots are motorized contraptions that are designed and built by kids. Wiggle-Bots are much more than "a lot of fun". They inspire. Watch eyes widen as wires are connected and Wiggle-Bots start to move. See how understanding and design evolves through experimentation and tinkering. Appreciate the challenge of going beyond step by step instructions and creating something completely new and innovative. It's an incredible experience. How will you Wiggle? Your Wiggle-Bot can be designed to do many cool things. Wiggle How? Make it Scribble: Create a marker-holding Wiggle-Bot that draws crazy and fun patterns on a sheet of paper. The patterns will change, based upon your Wiggle-Bot design; make it roll, hop, vibrate, spin, or go crazy. It's up to you! 10 Kit Class pack 9T-182457
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