Rigamajig Junior Kit 160pcs - Cat# 5T-RG-160

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Rigamajig Junior Kit 160pcs - Cat# 5T-RG-160

Designed by Cas Holman, Rigamajig is a building system of carefully shaped wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope designed for collaborative makers.

Rigamajig Junior is designed for home use. Perfect for playing with on the living or bedroom floor, backyard or even in the back seat, it’s handy carrying duffel bag make it easy to put away and bring anywhere.

Rigamajig inspires group STEM problem solving and play in three dimensions to explore mechanics, engineering and structure. (Age 3+)

Features & Dimensions

Rigamajig Jr features 2 cm (1/2”) thick Baltic Birch Planks that range from 15cm x 56 cm (6” - 22”), for structures and machines large enough to play inside of, but small and light enough to play in a lap or on a table top, too. Includes duffle bag.

The Rigamajig Jr Kit consists of 160 parts total.

Manufactured in Vietnam of highest quality baltic birch and finished by hand.

Benefits of Rigamajig

Promotes playful, cooperative learning

Rigamajig creates playful, cooperative learning communities, through means of collaborative building and child-directed play.The kit enables easily accessible, cognitively challenging play opportunities for children of any age in any environment.


Enhances STEM and STEAM learning

Rigamajig fits with principles of STEM and STEAM education, which promote focus on science, technology, engineering, math, and art through hands-on, inquiry-based learning to provide children opportunities for creativity, innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Develops problem-solving skills

Children simultaneously practice problem solving while designing and playing with their technological inventions. They create and work with simple machines (e.g. pulleys, ramps, and screws) as a means to create new, more complex machines.


Encourages cognitive thinking and investigations

Play, fantasy, and imagination are all part of children's everyday cognitive thinking and investigations. It is when these are all manifested in a single activity that children invest and fully engage in problem solving and amazing feats of creativity.


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