Popsicle Stick Wind Turbine 30 Student Class Pack - Cat# 8354WNTKCP

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Popsicle Stick Wind Turbine 30 Student Class Pack - Cat# 8354WNTKCP

This is the perfect kit to encourage design and build, inquiry-based learning while covering other topics like, systems in action, alternative energy, structures and mechanism, basic circuitry and the most prominent topic: Wind Energy!

You will receive all the necessary materials for a class of 30 students to each build their own working wind turbine. There will be no instructions included so that the students can implement inquiry-based learning. Product pictures above are only an idea of how a turbine could look/function.  Experiment with different blade materials shapes and sizes (blade material not provided - use cardstock, foam, cardboard etc.)! Watch as the turbine generates enough power with the high torque motor provided to power an LED. Add other low voltage loads if you would like - maybe a buzzer or another motor with propeller. Watch this turbine in action below. 

Challenge: After the projects are completed use a fan to test the electrical output of each turbine by hooking them up to to a multimeter (see advertisement on side panel). All factors like blade design, structual integrity, gear ratios and free flowing axle will play into the success of the students project.

No cutting required unless you have tools and want to add cutting to your challenge! Hot glue is strongly recommended but carpenter glue will work too with a longer cure time. See side advertisements for Glue Maker Packs. 

This kit includes: 

  • 3000 x popsicle sticks
  • 30 x high generator torque motor 
  • 30 x self-adhesive motor holder 
  • 50 x LED lights (colours vary) 
  • 30 x mixed gear pack (30 of each 10,20,30,40,50 teeth + bushings)
  • 20 x extra bushings to convert 4mm Gear hole to 2mm to fit motor spindle. 
  • 50 ft of red stranded wire 
  • 50 ft of black stranded wire
  • 36 x 4mmx16" wooden dowel 
  • 30 x large 8" straw - axle holder
  • Resource help sheet for Teachers 
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