The World Of Plastics - Cat# 80-5719SPI

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The World Of Plastics - Cat# 80-5719SPI

The World of Plastics is a well-illustrated book excellent for polymer technology trade and science chemistry teachers. This book introduces the World of Plastics in three sections:

Part A - Plastics in our Environment.

Part B - From Raw Materials to Plastics

Part C - From Plastics to the Finished Article

Our household equipment including such items as the fridge, the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner would be a heap of scrap without moving parts, housings and insulation made from plastics. The television, radio and telephone woudl not be much better. And a car without plastics? Well, you find the answer to that in this book.

Number of Pages: 96

Authour: The Society of Plastics Industry in Canada

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