MakerSpace Kits - PRIMARY - Cat# 80-54MS-PR

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MakerSpace Kits - PRIMARY - Cat# 80-54MS-PR

Educational makerspaces are the ideal environment for maker education. The maker movement in education is built upon the foundation of constructionism, which is the philosophy of hands-on learning through building things. Kidder has created a makerspace kit for your primary, junior and intermediate grade levels that are perfect for your schools that do not have a designated shop class for buiilding and construction! If you are at the Board level and are interested in purchasing these kits for a large number of schools under your authority please contact for a quote. 

This PRIMARY Makerspace Kit Includes:

  • 4 x Junior Basic Hacksaw (Cat# 50-235) 
  • 1 x Medium Hacksaw Blades 10/pkg (Cat# 50-237)
  • 4 x Small Bench Hook 8 & 10mm (Cat# 83-1150-00)
  • 4 x Safety Goggles PRIMARY (Cat# 80-3221-00)
  • 4 x Glue Gun 10W (Cat# 80-480-210)
  • 1 x Basswood 10mmx10mmx61cm 100/pkg (Cat# 83-BW1010)
  • 2 x Maple Dowel 3/16"x24" 8/pkg (Cat# 83-2003-02)
  • 4 x C-Clamp 4" (Cat# 83-1153-00)
  • 1 x MDF Wheels Assorted 3/16" hole (Cat# 83-54-1262)
  • 1 x Red 10x10 Jinx Jointers10/pkg (Cat# 83-3001-00)
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