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Kidder Mitre Cutter - Cat# 83-1126-00 4 in 1 Hydraulics Kit - Cat# 83-5054-04
Cuckoo Clock Movement Lamp Cord 6' w/ plug - Cat# 80-4428-WT
Complete Lamp Kit - Cat# 80-44SPECL Black Pulleys - 4 Sizes Cat# 80-3580-00
C02 Dragster 50 Student Class Pack C02 Cartridges 8g 100 pcs BULK Cat# 19-54-1018
Plexweld "F" Solvent Resin Bond EX-74 Outdoor Epoxy Coating - Cat# 34-1174-2G
Alligator Leads 80-3504-RB The Inventa Book of Structures
Kidder Kabinet (with or without tools) Minimolder - Injection Moulder - Cat# 75-MINIMLD
Screw Eyes - (25pcs) 1/4" - Cat# 19-1024 Delta Dart Model Plane- Individual Kit-Cat# 19-FF510KT
Elenco Alternate Energy Snap Circuit Kit - Cat# 80-3503125 Mag-Lev Class Pack - Cat# 80-5450-00
Lake Cottage Realistic Model - Cat# 83-54LCOTT Triple Beam Balance with Weights-Cat# 19-1070
Assorted Off-Cuts of Acrylic Truss Roof House Framing Kit -Cat# 83-541041C
Simple Slide Switch - 10/pkg - Cat# 80-3529-00 Solid Square Acrylic Rod
T-Shirt Heat Transfer Machine  

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